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We aim to make the digital world safer by reporting vulnerabilities we find in digital systems to the people who can fix them. We have a global reach, but do it Dutch style: open, honest, collaborative and for free.

Our statistics

Year # of cases # of vulnerable IPs notified
2020 14 58,358
2021 25 99,006
2022 42 244,788
2023 37 337,027
2024 8 3,276


DIVD is a platform for security researchers to report vulnerabilities, supported by volunteers.


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Current open cases

DIVD-2024-00010 - Unauthenticated Command Injection In Progress Kemp LoadMaster
DIVD-2024-00008 - Authentication Bypass and Remote Code Execution in ConnectWise ScreenConnect
DIVD-2024-00005 - Remote code execution in FortiOS
DIVD-2024-00003 - Unauthenticaded Remote Code Execution in CrushFTP
DIVD-2024-00002 - Account takeover vulnerability in Gitlab CE/EE
DIVD-2024-00001 - Auth. Bypass and Command Injection in Ivanti VPN appliance
DIVD-2023-00045 - Confluence RCE Vulnerability In Confluence Data Center and Confluence Server
DIVD-2023-00042 - Confluence improper authorization vulnerability
DIVD-2023-00040 - Critical F5 BIG-IP unauthenticated RCE Vulnerability
DIVD-2023-00039 - VMware vCenter Server RCE
DIVD-2023-00038 - Global Cisco IOS-XE (CVE-2023-20198) Implants
DIVD-2023-00035 - Remote Code Execution in Juniper Networks SRX- and EX-Series
DIVD-2023-00032 - Access Control Bypass - CVE-2023-29298 & CVE-2023-38205
DIVD-2023-00030 - Citrix systems vulnerable for CVE-2023-3519
DIVD-2023-00028 - SQL Injection in MOVEit Transfer - CVE-2023-36934
DIVD-2023-00027 - Ignite Realtime Openfire auth bypass - CVE-2023-32315
DIVD-2023-00026 - Apache Superset authentication bypass leads to RCE - CVE-2023-27524
DIVD-2023-00010 - Remote Code Execution in Microsoft Exchange Server
DIVD-2023-00002 - Publicly Reachable Malicious Webshells
DIVD-2022-00065 - Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities in multiple Zyxel EOL devices
DIVD-2022-00064 - Multiple injection vulnerabilities identified within Axiell Iguana CMS
DIVD-2022-00061 - KNXNet/IP gateways often left open to the internet
DIVD-2022-00058 - ZK Framework - ZK AuUploader Servlet Upload Vulnerability
DIVD-2022-00055 - Server Management Interfaces security issues
DIVD-2022-00052 - Multiple vulnerabilities is Cloudflow software
DIVD-2022-00048 - Dossier Energy Transition

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Last 10 csirt blog posts

10 July 2023 - Limited disclosure of 6 vulnerabilities in OSNexus Quantastor
24 February 2023 - DIVD’s response regard the involvement of a DIVD volunteer in a major data theft case
18 January 2023 - Fox-IT and DIVD cooperate to warn owners of vulnerable Citrix servers
14 December 2022 - Fortinet sslvpnd vulnerability - update
13 December 2022 - Fortinet SSL VPN Vulnerability
15 August 2022 - Closing GeyNoise Ukraine Only case
10 August 2022 - Itarian Full disclosure
09 August 2022 - SmarterTrack Full disclosure
08 June 2022 - ITarian critical vulnerabilities
03 June 2022 - Confluence 0-day

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