Dutch Security Information Clearinghouse started

Dutch Security Information Clearinghouse started

14 February 2022, by Frank Breedijk

As of the 14th of February, all Dutch organizations can use the new cyber security warning system of the Dutch security clearing house (Het Nederlands Security Meldpunt). This clearinghouse, which Dutch private organizations have started, will help Dutch cyber resilience by cyber threat information in an automated fashion.

On the 28th of September 2021 the six founders, DIVD, Connect2Trust, NBIP, SURFcert, Ams-IX and AbuseIO announced a new warning system that would share information about potential abuse and cyber threats for Dutch organisations. And it delivered on its promise early this year by sharing IP addresses of vulnerable systems during the log4shell crisis. Based on these experiences, the clearinghouse has officially opened its doors on the 14th of February 2022, and all organizations in The Netherlands can now profit from its existence.

Chris van ‘t Hof, the director of DIVD, is very glad the clearinghouse has been founded. “We are already sharing lists of IP addresses and vulnerabilities with most of the participants of the clearinghouse. We supply each of them with the information for their constituency. With the inception of the clearinghouse, we now get clarity of which constituencies are being served and an automated way to do so. It enables us to help these organizations even better. I believe this private-public partnership is the one of its kind in the world.”

The clearinghouse uses the Clean networks platform of NBIP and the ThreatMatcher intelligence platform of Connect2Trust to share information. The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Discoslure supports the clearinghouse with our know-how. On behalf of the Nederlands Security Meldpunt, we will also perform triage on notifications sent to the clearinghouse by new unvetted notifiers. And Frank Breedijk, our manager CSIRT, is also a board member of the clearinghouse.

“Right from the start, the clearinghouse has a nationwide coverage,” says Frank. “When we process information about systems that are vulnerable, we will not only supply information to those organizations represented by our members, but also to those that have not registered yet. But we know that the unregistered route tends to be less effective”, he says, “I, therefore, urge all organizations to register as soon as possible.” Because all founders of the clearinghouse are not-for-profit organizations, this registration is often free.

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More information can be found at securitymeldpunt.nl

Last modified: 20 Jun 2022 08:08