Not a regular office

We are a network of security researchers who mainly work online. If you want to contact us, you can send us an e mail to “question” at divd nl or use our contact form.

You can also meet us at cyber security conferences and hacker events or just follow us on Twitter.

For questions related to our CSIRT you can email “csirt” at divd nl.

Want to help?

The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure is always looking for new volunteers. On our website, you can discover which type of volunteer work suits you best and read the experiences of others. Do you also want to make the digital world a safer place? Then please signup as a volunteer.


We have a flexible workplace:
Maanweg 174
2516 AB Den Haag
Tel.: (+31) 70 41 90 309

Confidential Advisor (vertrouwenspersoon)

DIVD wants to be a safe organization, where everyone feels at home and respected. After all, together we do everything we can to prevent things such as ‘bullying’, conflicts and arguments, discrimination, and sexual intimidation within our institute.

It is not possible to make a list of things that would or would not be sexual intimidation or aggression. In other words, it’s not about the intentions of the person giving the unwanted attention, it’s about how it comes across. The reason why someone behaves in this way is also irrelevant in determining whether there is sexual harassment, aggression, or violence. Even a person’s accountability does not play a role. In practice, however, is a lot more complicated, after all, what one person experiences as a nuisance, need not disturb another.

That is one of the reasons why DIVD has appointed two confidential advisors. A central point of contact to ensure that the way in which we interact within the institute remains professional, fun, and safe. Within the institute, the confidential counselors are the point of contact for anyone who is dealing with transgressive or sexually intimidating behavior and who wants to talk to someone about it.

The confidential advisors at DIVD are:

Both can be reached via

You can approach them for any kind of transgressive or sexually harassing behavior. He or she listens to your story and helps you look for possibilities to solve the situation. Your information will be treated in the strictest confidence and nothing will happen that you don’t know.

If needed, the confidential advisors can also help you to submit a complaint to the police. But of course, you can also just talk.