Not a regular office

We are a network of security researchers who mainly work online. If you want to contact us, you can send us an e mail to “question” at divd nl or use our contact form.

You can also meet us at cyber security conferences and hacker events or just follow us on Twitter.

For questions related to our CSIRT you can email “csirt” at divd nl.

Want to help?

The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure is always looking for new volunteers. On our website, you can discover which type of volunteer work suits you best and read the experiences of others. Do you also want to make the digital world a safer place? Then please signup as a volunteer.


We have a flexible workplace:
Maanweg 174
2516 AB Den Haag
Tel.: (+31) 70 41 90 309

A safe working environment

DIVD continuously strives to be a safe and healthy organization, where everyone feels at home. Creating a workplace where individuals feel secure, included, valued, trusted and respected is crucial for fostering a positive and productive atmosphere. Maintaining such an environment is essential for the well-being and professional development of our workforce. Therefore DIVD has appointed confidential advisors, by which we aim to provide employees with a dedicated and trustworthy channel to address concerns related to unwanted behaviors or integrity violations.

Unwanted behaviors, such as exclusion, bullying, harassment, discrimination, and aggression, can have a detrimental impact on an individual’s well-being and the overall workplace environment. Similarly, integrity violations, encompassing actions like corruption, fraud, abuse of power, and disclosure of sensitive information, compromise the ethical foundation of an organization. DIVD acknowledges the severity of these issues and takes a proactive stance by not tolerating such behaviors.

The presence of the confidential advisors underscores the importance of open communication, addressing issues promptly, and upholding ethical standards. By offering this support system, DIVD aims to ensure that employees feel heard, supported, and empowered to address concerns without fear of reprisal. Also, DIVD intends to strengthen the trusted relationship, reassure employees that their concerns are taken seriously, and demonstrate its commitment to maintaining a workplace where integrity is paramount.