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We are a group of volunteers that scout the web for potential cyber security risks.

Frequently asked questions

If this F.A.Q. doesn't answer your question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll do our best to answer your question to the best of our knowledge.

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Is it legal what DIVD is doing?

The Dutch jurisprudence is clear: if you serve a societal need with appropriate means, you are allowed to perform these small hacks in order to prevent the real damaging hacks. Our way of working is approved by the Dutch Public Prosecution Office the National Cyber Security Center.

Why did I receive an email from DIVD / CSIRT?

If we find a vulnerability, we’ll set up a case with all the details we know and how to patch this vulnerability. Then we scan known IP adresses to see if they’re vulnerable and if that’s the case we’ll send out an email to every vulnerable IP adress.

Our emails are personally written by one of our researchers and contain a link to the casefile on the site.

Who works for DIVD?

Most of our volunteers work in cybersecurity as their daily job, this could be at a comercial security company, government or as a freelancer. Some of our volunteers don’t work in security at all but have great interest in making the digital world safer.

All of our volunteers are screened and provided an certificate of conduct. Our code of conduct is sacred, we do not deviate from it.

What type of vulnerabilities do you notify?

Anything that is classified as high risk / high impact. We prioritize the vulnerabilities we work on by various metrics, for instance how big the exposure on the internet is and if it is being actively abused or not.

How can we contribute this initiative?

Join DIVD as a volunteer or as a partner, put security.txt on your website, take action after you’ve received a notification email or make a donation.

Not a regular office

We are a network of security researchers who mainly work online. If you want to contact us, you can send us an e mail to or use our contact form.

You can also meet us at cyber security conferences and hacker events or just follow us on Twitter.

For questions related to our CSIRT you can email