Empower our mission to help others: how you can get involved

We are a group of volunteers that scout the web for potential cyber security risks.


Become a volunteer

Would you like to join our team of ethical hackers, researchers, our IT or legal team and learn from the best? Please sign up.

Become a partner

As we serve the whole internet, we also help the customers and suppliers of your customers. You may perceive us as the volunteer fire brigade: as you secure your buildings, we are the ones who help your neighbours and save your house too.

We are a voluntairly run organisation, we appreciate every donation.

You can help us as a partner with funding, volunteers and tools. In return, you show you care about a safer internet, allow your colleagues to collaborate with witty hackers on fun projects and learn from the best.

Donations register

1 Mar 2022$10.000MSP CFO
1 Feb 2022€1.000Stichting Information Systems & Security Association NL Chapter
1 Jan 2022€10.000ESET
1 Jan 2022€5.000Unveil Security Group
1 Jan 2022$5.000Servosity
1 Dec 2021$100.000Huntress
1 Dec 20211.400J.R. Prins van Os
19 Apr 2024€10.000Stichting SIDN fonds