Our teams

We have the following awesome teams

Supervisory Board

Hacker initiatives like these, tend to have their own dynamics: sparks lead to flames, which die out or lead to wildfires, wasting energy along the way. To keep our minds focused on our goal to make the digital world a safer place and provide helpful hackers a solid platform, we installed a Supervisory Board of cyber security heavyweights. Each board member also represents a sector we try to get along in reaching our goals, i.e.: law enforcement, intelligence services, cyber security companies, academia and hackers.



The board of directors is responsible for strategic leadership of DIVD.



Providing some sense of direction to a bunch of hackers, aka advanced cat herding.



The CSIRT is the engineblock of DIVD. It is responsible for scanning the internet and notifying the system owners as well as running our CVE Numbering Authority activities.



DIVD has two teams highly skilled security researchers who seek and report vulnerabilities as a voluntary service next to their jobs. DIVD sees to it they follow our Code of Conduct while we provide them a firewall for journalists, lawyers and recruiters. Meanwhile, their research also serves as an empirical base to discover trends in security, stimulate security awareness and develop new methodologies in vulnerability research and disclosure. So, although you will probably never meet our researchers, you may hope they are checking your systems right now, before the bad guys do…


IT Services

Taking care of the IT of hackers in a non-hacky was so they don’t get hacked.



When you have IT, you IT problems. When you have organisation of hackers you have even more interesting problems. Team helpdesk is here to help.



Translating l33tsp3ak to human and the other way around as well as maintaining this awesome website.


Security, Risk & Compliance

Hackers need security and compliance too, and there are plenty of risks to manage as well as ethics to consider.



These coders code awesome code for us.



Caring for our volunteers to the maximum extend.


Our organisation chart

flowchart LR subgraph supervisory-board[Supervisory Board] direction LR p925307[Chantal Stekelenburg] p751023[Herbert Bos] p751020[Petra Oldengarm] end subgraph board[Board] direction LR p751364[Astrid Oosenbrug] p2089524[Eleonora Petridou] p751039[Joost Hendricksen] p2089482[Marinus Kuivenhoven] p751080[Shairesh Algoe] end supervisory-board ----> board subgraph institute-f4480f93[Office] direction LR p751352[Chris van 't Hof\nManaging Director] p751352 --- r_institute-f4480f93_751352[1 team members] end subgraph csirt-d2ca9a4d[CSIRT] direction LR p751030[Lennaert Oudshoorn\nHead of DIVD-CSIRT] p751030 --- r_csirt-d2ca9a4d_751030[9 team members] p924847[Max van der Horst\nTeamlead level 2] end subgraph research-ef826648[Research] direction LR p925173[Finn van der Knaap\nTeamlead level 1 Team 3] p925173 --- r_research-ef826648_925173[8 team members] p1029852[Martin van Wingerden\nTeamlead] p1029852 --- r_research-ef826648_1029852[8 team members] p924847[Max van der Horst\nTeamlead level 2] p924847 --- r_research-ef826648_924847[9 team members] p1407247[Melvin Boers\nResearch unit manager level 1] p1407247 --- r_research-ef826648_1407247[7 team members] p1059465[Mick Beer\nResearch unit manager Level 2] p1059465 --- r_research-ef826648_1059465[1 team members] p2042661[Rutger Hermens\nTeamlead level 1 Team 1] p2042661 --- r_research-ef826648_2042661[7 team members] p751021[Victor Gevers\nHead of Research] p751021 --- r_research-ef826648_751021[4 team members] end subgraph operations-9af97f41[IT Services] direction LR p751074[Casper Kuijper\nHead of IT Services] p751074 --- r_operations-9af97f41_751074[9 team members] end subgraph helpdesk-2baaf62[Helpdesk] direction LR p1023264[Winko\nTeamlead Helpdesk] p1023264 --- r_helpdesk-2baaf62_1023264[3 team members] end subgraph communications-6595f95b[Communications] direction LR p1018892[Lucinda Sterk] p2081754[Marieke Smits] end subgraph privacy-security-abb937a2[Security, Risk & Compliance] direction LR p1021197[Ferdinand Uittenbogaard\nPrivacy Officer] p751027[Frank Breedijk\nCrisis manager + CSIRT helper] p1958317[Peter Baard\nCISO] p1958317 --- r_privacy-security-abb937a2_1958317[5 team members] end subgraph developers-4305694d[Development] direction LR p924778[Gerdriaan Mulder\nHead of Development] p924778 --- r_developers-4305694d_924778[4 team members] end subgraph hrm-f725d44[HRM] direction LR p751069[Jan Los\nHead of HRM] p751069 --- r_hrm-f725d44_751069[2 team members] end p751364 --- p751352 c751352 --- p751030 p1059465 --- p924847 p751021 --- p925173 p1059465 --- p1029852 p751021 --- p1407247 p751021 --- p1059465 p751021 --- p2042661 c751352 --- p751021 c751352 --- p751074 c751074 --- p1023264 c751352 --- p1018892 p1018892 --- p2081754 c751352 --- p1021197 c751352 --- p751027 c751352 --- p1958317 c751074 --- p924778 c751352 --- p751069 p751352 ---- c751352[ ] p751074 ---- c751074[ ]