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We represent a team of highly skilled security researchers who seek and report vulnerabilities as a voluntary service next to their jobs. DIVD sees to it they follow our Code of Conduct while we provide them a firewall for journalists, lawyers and recruiters. Meanwhile, their research also serves as an empirical base to discover trends in security, stimulate security awareness and develop new methodologies in vulnerability research and disclosure. So, although you will probably never meet our researchers, you may hope they are checking your systems right now, before the bad guys do…



Victor Gevers (Chairman), Mattijs van Ommeren (Researcher), Edwin van Andel (Unique Intelligence / Advisor), Matthijs Koot (Researcher), Hans van de Looy (Ethical Conscience / Advisor), Jeroen van de Weerd (Web Editor, Researcher and Reporter), Wietse Boonstra (Researcher), Célistine Oosting (Researcher), Joost Hendricksen (Researcher), Gerard Janssen (Head of Reporters), Frank Voelkel (Researcher), Hidde Smit (Researcher), Joris van de Vis (SAP Researcher), Diego Klinkhamer (Operations & Researcher), Tom Wolters (Researcher), Victor Pasman (Researcher), Remco Verhoef (Researcher), Ruben Uithol (Researcher), Alain Bettonviel (Researcher), Artur Miron (Researcher), Finn van der Knaap (Researcher), Gerdriaan Mulder (Head of Development), Max van der Horst (Researcher), Patrick Hulshof (Researcher), Yury Zhauniarovich (Researcher)


Lennaert Oudshoorn (CSIRT Coordinator and webmaster), Willem Kutschruiter (CSIRT handler), Richard Masmeijer (CSIRT handler), Ralph Horn (CSIRT handler), Thomas van Voorst (CSIRT handler), Boaz Braaksma (CSIRT handler), Caroline Loef (CSIRT handler), Eward Driehuis (Marketing en businessdevelopment), Laurent de Vries (CSIRT handler), Shairesh Algoe (CSIRT Advisor), Vincent Thiele (Head of CSIRT Global)


Casper Kuijper (Head of Operations), Otto van Wieringen (System engineer), Rob Blokland (System engineer), Wouter Schoot (System engineer)


Chris van ‘t Hof (Director / Secretary), Raymond Bierens (Advisor), Frank Breedijk (Manager DIVD CSIRT), Brenno de Winter (Data Protection Officer), Fleur van Leusden (Chief Information Security Officer), Anne-Lee den Breems (Graphic Designer), Jan Los (HRM), Nikola Diete (Project Management), Lodewijk van Zwieten (Chairman of supervisory board), Ronald Prins (Member of supervisory board), Petra Oldengarm (Member of supervisory board), Herbert Bos (Member of supervisory board), Chantal Stekelenburg (Member of supervisory board)


Astrid Oosenbrug (Treasurer and Head of Academy), Barry van Kampen (Researcher), Boris Postma (Academy), Gert Jan Roke (Webdeveloper)


Supervisory Board

Hacker initiatives like these, tend to have their own dynamics: sparks lead to flames, which die out or lead to wildfires, wasting energy along the way. To keep our minds focused on our goal to make the digital world a safer place and provide helpful hackers a solid platform, we installed a Supervisory Board of cyber security heavyweights. Each board member also represents a sector we try to get along in reaching our goals, i.e.: law enforcement, intelligence services, cyber security companies and academia.