Casper Kuijper

Enterprise Architect

Casper is a seasoned Security Specialist with a comprehensive background in cybersecurity, architecture, DevOps, and system administration. His journey in the tech world is marked by a continuous pursuit of knowledge, as evidenced by his extensive list of certifications, including Red Hat Certified System Administrator, Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist, AWS Solution Architect Associate and CISSP among others.

Professionally, Casper has made significant contributions to organizations like LinProfs B.V., Royal Philips N.V., and, where his roles ranged from Security Engineer to Network and System Engineer. His expertise in building and managing security infrastructures, automating processes, and leading complex projects has been instrumental in enhancing the security postures and operational efficiencies of these companies.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Casper is deeply committed to giving back to the community. Since December 2021, he has been volunteering at DIVD (Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure), where he served as Head of IT services and currently fills the role of Enterprise Architect, driving initiatives to make the digital world safer.

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