Frank Breedijk

Crisis manager (+ CSIRT helper)

Frank is volunteer and part of DIVD’s management team since the start. As a response to the Citrix Crisis and a fundamental flaw in the Dutch system for ‘cyber target and victim notification’ he started the DIVD CSIRT which is operational since January 2020. After het handed over title of Head of CSIRT to Leanneard oudshoorn, Frank stayed active in the DIVD CSIRT, but transitioned to the role of Crisis Manager. Frank puts on his crisis management cape either when there is a treat to the existance of DIVD or during high profile cases such as e.g. the SolarMan case. Frank has over 25 years of cyber security experience, his current day-job is CISO at Schuberg Philis where he has been employed for the last 18+ years. He is very active in the Dutch community as secretary of the Nederlands Security Meldpunt, chairman of the MSP-ISAC and in DefCon Holland. He is an experienced keynote speaker and has presented at many conferences, he is also known for his balloon folding and fire breathing workshops at various hacker events. If you want him to waist your time ask him about his farmhouse form 1751, beekeeping or his telex machine.

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