DIVD is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers and a network of likeminded organisations who we share knowledge with or support us financially. In order of appearence:


Connect2Trust is a cooperation of Dutch (international) companies. Chairman of the Board Raymond Bierens has been with DIVD from the start on to help out and share knowledge.


SIDN Fund provided financial support in 2020 to kick start DIVD.


We have our office at Pro-Sec, which also help us out with administrative tasks and acquiring funding for our DIVD Academy.


Remco Verhoef, Chief Hacking Officer at DTACT let’s us use their Raven Data Processing Platform to process our scan data. We don’t pay in licencefees, but in feedback.

A2B Internet

Erik Bais, owner of A2B-Internet was so kind to help us out getting our own Autonomous System. Since then, we have our own IP addresses to scan from.


Dave Maasland, CEO of ESET sponsored DIVD by paying most of the costs of our AS.


Contact us if you want to help out a volunteer or want to sponsor DIVD.